Sales support team

Do you have the best retail support to increase sales?

Succesfull cooperation with the stores, the retailers and your organisation is an important and meaningful part of the value chain, and essentiel to your business.

Working close with the stores is important and a way to strengthen and optimise your sales initiatives. Our team of supporters work with:

  • Sales and store visits on a daily basis – we are present on location and can make a big difference creating more visibility in the store for your product.
  • Sales related with new product launches, campaigns, etc.
  • Follow up on activities and identifying new opportunities in order to increase visibility for your brand
  • Relevant reporting – feedback based on  your specifications along with photos (before/after) of displays, space build-up, OOS, competitor information, etc.

Whether you need an on-the-spot solution or a more long-range plan, we have a team of service and sales supporters who can strengthen your relationship with the stores and increase sales – in brief, we offer a flexible and valuable solution that fits your specific needs.