Events & creative support

Do you have an unique marketing plan for your brand?

Do you want something different for your brand? Execute a campaign involving the shopper? Storytelling or increase awareness of your products in an extraordinary way that the shopper won’t forget?

Then let us assist you in bringing it to life.

In addition to guidance you will have access to many years of shopper insights based on countless branding campaigns. You will learn how to create relevant and effective events and concepts – in- and outside the store.

Do you have an ambitious plan to create preference for your brand but need a creative discussion partner? Do you need help getting a good idea on its feet, or are you looking to outsource end-to-end project management? We are ready and waiting to contribute with our skills and experience.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination!

We can contribute throughout the entire process with:

  • Idea and concept development
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Site coordination, design and development of equipment/materials, etc.
  • Experienced crew
  • On-going follow-up and reporting