Demo & sampling

Demo and sampling activities help us create visibility in the store.

The store is an obvious media to support your marketing initiatives. Did you know that:

  • 9 out of 10 people shops by impulse
  • Of these, 61% buy 1-3 extra products
  • Of these, 66% day this is because of promotion

Face to face we make shoppers aware of your brand and present your product in its best way. We offer the shopper tastings and the opportunity to ask questions and find inspiration…

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No goods on the shelves means no sales. There’s no simpler way to say it!

Visibility and availability are essential for your brand, and empty shelves are therefore devestating for your campaign regardless of how well you have planned and executed your marketing activities.

We have many years of experience when supporting the visibility and availability for a brand in the store. Our merchandisers can support your campaigns and help generate additional sales…

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Events & creative

Do you have a unique marketing plan for your brand?

Do you have an idea of something different for your brand? Create a campaign involving the shopper? Storytelling or increase awareness of your products in an untraditional that the shopper won’t soon forget?

Then let us assist you in bringing it to life.

In addition to guidance you will have access to many years of shopper insights based on countless branding campaigns…

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Support team

Does your have the best retail support to move sales?

Good cooperation between the stores, the retail chain and your organisation is an important and meaningful part of the value chain, and an important part of your business.

A close relationship with store store is important, and part of strengthening and optimising your sales initiative…

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Data & insights

How do you ensure that your products meet the sales they deserve in the store?

IN-STORE data & insights bring you KNOWLEDGE and a simple tool to easily evaluate your performance in the stores. We are happy to help recommend actions that can help boost your ROI and SALES.

Every week we visit the largest retail stores, which means we are on location wherever your SALE is generated…

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